Business & Entrepreneurship

NEW! Associate Program In Business

Seminole State College LogoIn conjunction with Seminole State College, Lake Howell's Associate Program in Business will culminate in both a high school diploma and an Associate in Arts degree in Business after four years.

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Entrepreneurship Pathway

Business and Entrepreneurship LogoThe Entrepreneurship Program of Emphasis is a four-year track that includes Industry Certification and dual enrollment opportunities.

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If you are currently zoned for Lake Howell High School, please contact your counselor to apply for the Business & Entrepreneurship program.

If you are not zoned for Lake Howell, apply now!

Melissa Kimball, Ed.S

Certified School Counselor, A-DA
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Carolyn Ellis, M.A.

Certified School Counselor, DE-HOWA
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Haleigh Cain, M.Ed.

Certified School Counselor, HOWE-M
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Lisandra Francis, M.A.

Certified School Counselor, N-SAND
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Meghann Bratton, M.A.

Certified School Counselor, SANE-Z
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